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Our mission is to create value and provide quality with every project and relationship we build. Your vision is the blueprint for your home and our goal is to exceed every expectation of your plans and build you the home of your dreams. Our staff will work diligently with you, your architect and designer to ensure that your home is everything you had envisioned it can be and more.


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Established in 2012, Core Group is a Boutique builder that has been family-owned since its inception. Steve VanCooney is President and Founder of Core Group and has spent the majority of his life in the construction and or real estate business.  After moving to Georgia in 2007, and acting as his own contractor, he started buying properties to fix and flip.  Other investors and homeowners started to take notice and started requesting that Steve complete the construction on their properties too.

Core Group, which takes as much pride of the work behind the walls as the aesthetics that the client sees. Our primary goal is to successfully provide the best service and education we can to our clients, giving them a product they love and we are proud to put our name on it.  

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